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New Semi-Mature trees.

Little Hidden Farm is committed to enhancing your garden, drive side, parkland or hedgerow by supplying and planting Semi-Mature trees to achieve immediate impact on the scene. With a good range of deciduous species, and many to draw from, you can choose individual trees to meet your particular needs. They are not just your boring car-park lolli-pop specimens but display a wide variety of form and character and offer big choice for the discerning gardener or designer.

Bill Acworth has a lifelong interest in trees and an eye for selecting species most appropriate for the setting. He is happy to visit and offer guidance at the same time as encouraging you to come and pick out just what you want from our stock. We are then able to dig and replant on your site. Alternatively we can come to you and transplant your own trees to a preferred position.

Management of Existing trees.

A number of our clients have sought help with existing trees and shrubs that have begun to compete with one another or are suppressing adjoining parts of the garden or darkening their property. We know our trees and like to help people make sound choices in selection and pruning so that their trees’ long term futures are considered.

Planting Young Trees.

If you are considering planting new trees and hedges it is important to choose appropriate species, to understand their suitability for the site, their early establishment and on-going care. It is all too easy to underestimate their future size, to plant too close and then, at a later date, to have to agonize over removal of some of those that you have taken such care to nurture against competitive weeds, vermin, drought and all else that prevails. We enjoy being asked to contribute to the planning and implementation of new schemes, be they big or small. Over the years we’ve learned from our mistakes and are keen to avoid others repeating them! Clients often find it valuable to look at projects that we have undertaken so that they have a vision of the outcome of their plans.

As with any of our work, we are pleased to enable clients to engage in the practical work in order to feel more closely involved, to gain a wider understanding of the issues and perhaps save costs. We also like people to feel able to seek on-going advice so that projects remain on course for long term success and enjoyment.

Major tree surgery is not our business but we are able give guidance and recommend skilled surgeons when the need arises.