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Planting New Hedges.

HedgesAs wind and sight screens or natural barriers, carefully planned and well maintained hedges can pay enormous dividends at relatively low cost. Without being intrusive, good hedges can offer multiple benefits. We’d like to help you enjoy the rewards.

Whether you are considering a formal garden hedge or a more natural paddock or field boundary, we can advise on the choice of appropriate species and supply and plant them for you.

Hedges of mixed native shrubs can be extremely attractive with their various flowers, leaf form and autumn colours at the same time as offering a wonderful habitat for birds, small mammals and invertebrates.

Old hedgerows Restored.

Should you have an existing hedge that has got completely out of hand don’t despair or do anything to it before asking for help. We can talk you through the alternatives for its restoration. The age old tradition of Hedge Laying can totally transform and revitalize even the most neglected hedgerow whilst retaining the integrity of its age and species mixture.

We can cut and lay your hedge to leave a beautiful and manageable feature. We are even happy to involve clients in the work since they often enjoy the opportunity, challenge and satisfaction of learning new skills.

We have numerous examples of young and restored hedges for you to see before making any commitment.