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Little Hidden Farm offers exciting educational opportunities for visitors of all ages.

For a number of years we have been working with local schools to bring children to the farm where we have developed practices which encourage learning through seeing, touching, hearing and smelling real things.

Much emphasis is laid on children being able to translate classroom theory into practical application. We particularly enjoy searching out new ways of putting over concepts which some find difficult to absorb by way of the desk but can grasp, understand and never forget when brought alive. This approach has been found extremely valuable in helping those with special needs.

We have attended CEVAS and other courses to help us understand the needs of schools and are very imaginative in bringing together a wide range of topics all of which bring elements of the National Curriculum into a meaningful whole. Application of mathematics, geography and science & technology can all be linked to farming and the production of our food and, of course, the mere history of Little Hidden Farm – whose first recorded owner was King Alfred – invokes a great opportunity for creative writing and a wonderful platform for imaginative art forms deriving from nature itself.

We have worked with both primary and secondary schools as well as colleges of further education, university students, local societies, business associations, clubs, special interest and family groups for all of whom the direct link between theory & practice and environmental & social issues can be brought into focus to highlight the challenges that lie ahead for all of us.

We offer work experience placements in the Riding School on the farm and on conservation related projects.

Visits can be tailored to meet your specific need or interest and can last from 2 hours to a whole day. We don’t need a dedicated classroom since best learning takes place on location. However we do have parking and toilet facilities and plenty of space for picnics or to be under cover in the event of rain.

How about planning an educational birthday party for children or even their parents?

This can be combined with a picnic or we can fix a barbecue, firing appetites by using our home-made clay oven and providing locally produced food.

School teachers, group leaders or individuals should contact Bill Acworth who will be pleased to discuss and plan a visit to LITTLE HIDDEN FARM.